Take intelligent control of your house!

Directly from your smart-phone or another device!

We help you to feel the power of a portable control in your own environment.

Use the most intelligent and affordable control solution!

For your smart-home!

You are able to enjoy total control over whole-home or commercial lighting system using our sophisticated interfaces.

We deliver intelligent control over your electronic products

To manage your space efficiently!

Intelligent automation can bring you and your family more comfort, convenience and peace of mind.

So...what do you want to control? Dwell in Possibility!
Your movie cues, your drapes close. Automatically.
Rise to the Beatles in the bedroom as satellite radio streams in the kitchen.
As the sun goes down, your outdoor lights go up.
Tap into smart savings with a smart meter.
Enjoy Control from downstairs, downtown or even Deutschland.
Feel the power of portable control! Choose the best option!
What is Home Control?
Home Control is the smartest solution to manage your home environment virtually - locks, light, doors, drapes. It’s easier than you can imagine: you only need a smart device.
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